NeekTru drops a drugdealer's love tale, “Tru Story”

Watch as on-the-verge hiphop artist, NeekTru, drops a hood opera with his latest song “Tru Story”. The video has been skyrocketing as it already has 2.4 million views on facebook! 

Neektru tells a riveting love story that gives vivid details on the love-life of a drug dealer. He talks about how they met in school and how she stayed down. The story quickly develops with danger lurking around the corner as Neektru involves her in a transation which seemingly goes wrong. There is a breathtaking plot twist at the end that makes “Tru Story” absolutely unforgetable! 

Listen as he uses his boss-like charm and upper echelon flow to connect with the audience as he paints pictures of his hustler's mentality over a contemporary hi-hat and a 1989 sample of Diana Ross' “Missing You”, that gives the whole song a nice upscale feel. “Tru Story” serves as a sample of the dopeness you will get from his long-awaited debut album, “Truth Be Told”. Join the movement and check out the video today!!!

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