Evrything Cost drops epic mini-movie before release of "Free Lunch 2"

See it here:

In the wake of the huge success of the 1st project "Free Lunch", street fixture turned inspiration rapper, Evrythng Cost, shows us his versatility by releasing an epic mini-movie titled, "The Choice is Yours". The dramatic tale is designed to implant some sense in youngster by showing them their dead honest choices. Either a life of peace and prosperity or either the death and destruction that the devil can provide. The choice is yours... 
"The Choice is Yours" stars Omar Gooding (of the movie Baby Boy) and Evrthing Cost (himself). 

I believe the visuals also have songs from Evrthing Cost's long awaited October 17th release of "Free Lunch 2" as you will catch a brief musical performance at the end. Mark your calendar and download the full project when here.  http://www.evrythngcost.com

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