Undeniably Genuine (UNG) release new song "Slow Ya Roll (Hold Up)"

The crossover between Scripture and Loopy G blends versatility from both poetry and hip hop realms. This esoteric effort of their latest 
hit "Slow Ya Roll" yields a universal sound that is profound! The lyrically astute, UndeniablyGenuine or UNG, group seeks to produce genuine music that will withstand the test of time. UNG is not apologetic on this one, their approach is functional and blunt. The artists are memorable at scene setting with the sole intent of building their characters. This is bound to grasp your attention for some strange reason, there’s a mechanical dash of elaborate rhyme schemes that are poured and channeled. The features not only flex along with the blitz verses but they are also in harmony with their production style. Get familiar with UNG by following them below.

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